When we are in schools, we think that college life is full of joy and freedom. There is a little truth in it. But in college life, your responsibilities also increase. We can not do anything without any worries. The tensions about our careers get into our minds. In school life, we do not have any external concerns other than examination. Many people may think that school life is more complicated, but the truth is college is full of difficulties that actually make us strong. So surviving college life is not very easy at all. Let us discuss different ways and perspectives.

Difficulties that may arise while surviving college life

There are many difficulties that we have to face in college life. And most of them are different from school life. These will help you to know about how to survive college life. Some of them are:

  • Losing old friends: This is something that everyone has to go through. Many of your school friends have to take admission in different colleges for different reasons. And as a result, the chances of meeting and talking with them reduces. Many friends even shift to other cities or states for many reasons. And your friendship bonds get weakened.

  • Losing consistency in studies: In many cases, it is quite strange to notice that many students change after going to college. Most of the time, such changes affect the studies and results. Sometimes brilliant students become average or worse after going to college. There is no specific reason behind that, but it actually happens. Sometimes it brings positive performances also. Sometimes ordinary or bad students start doing good results.

  • Ragging: In school life, teachers and parents have maximum control over the students. But in college life, students, especially the seniors, try to rule over the college. They believe that they deserve to get respect from freshers. Sometimes they put mental or physical pressure on the juniors to show them their reputation and power. As a result, the freshers have to suffer. And naturally, they also behave with the juniors similarly when they become seniors.

  • Politics: This is another thing that students face in their college life. Many senior students make student unions and bring political parties into colleges. They enforce freshers to join the union. But honestly, these political factors ultimately bring disasters in college life. Many political disturbances can even take the life of students. Those clever union leaders take extra money and help many students to get admissions. Some of those students are not even eligible. Many eligible students can not get admission due to this.

  • Casualties: Most of the colleges have adopted the semester process. Most of the students are not familiar with such semester systems. As a result, they get casual about semesters. As they are allowed to clear the backlogs later, their seriousness about studies is gone. The academic results get poor naturally.

  • Addiction: Many students come across mischiefs in college life. They get into many dangerous addictions. A report says that most people start various addictions in their college life. That is why the rate of depression, suicide, crime, etc. are mostly in college students. 

Lack of Support in Your College 

  • Irresponsible teachers: School life is also memorable because of all the great teachers. They used to punish us and even love and care for us. But college life is a little different from school life. Yes, there are also many professors who think about us. But there is a lack of selflessness in most of the college teachers. Most of them are only there for their profession, not emotionally. Even sometimes, political clashes also happen between teachers and students.

  • Lack of real friends: In the first year of college, you may meet many new friends and think that they are your real friends. But at the end of college life, you will realise that only one or two were the real one. You can get innocent and selfless friendships only in school life. It is quite sad but true. 

Best Ways To Survive College

Now students who are in schools now may get nervous about surviving college after seeing all the above-mentioned points. But you have to go to colleges if you want to be successful in life. So here are some tips that can help you in surviving college life.

  • Keep the focus on your goal: In college life, there will be many obstacles and distractions. But you should keep the focus on your goal and prepare yourself according to that.

  • Keep connections with old friends: Try to keep connected with your school friends. Try to spend time with them when you get a chance.

  • Stay connected with the anti-ragging committee: If you have to face any kind of torture, contact the anti-ragging committee immediately. Do not get nervous quickly.

  • Do not trust easily: Initially, you should apply the law “Talk with many, trust only a few”. As you do not know anyone very well, do not trust too quickly.

  • Stay away from politics: A college is a place for education. So stay away from those who are trying to spread political disturbances.

  • Behave nicely with juniors: You can ask for little introductions from freshers. Do not torture them. They are like your brothers and sisters.

  • Stay away from addictions: Addiction is something that is destroying this young generation. As a student, you also have some responsibilities for the society. Try to avoid addictions and stop your friends too. Drinking on some occasions like college fests or functions are okay.

  • Enjoy your time with friends also: This is the best way that will help you to know how to survive college life. College life is also the last stage of your academic life. There may be some precautions. But still, you should enjoy your college life obeying all the difficulties. Try to participate in all sports and other activities also. Choose the right friends to make your college life memorable because after college graduation party you will miss your friends.

In a Nutshell !

Surviving college life includes strenuous activities that actually make us mature. But at the end of the day, you will realise that school life is something that we hated too much then but miss all over our life. You can never get back those golden days with your childhood and school life. But you can also enjoy your college life with real friends if you focus on your career and stay away from negative things. 

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